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Spring is in the air! With wildflowers and buzzing bees, the smell of budding trees and fresh rain, spring is certainly one of the seasons most colorful to our senses. It is also the season of a very important holiday close to the hearts of Christian followers.

Spring can be described as the most vibrant and freshly-scented season of the year, and it is rightly so. In that way, isn’t it only natural that the words of spring be just as vibrant? Scan the letters up, down, across, and diagonally to find them!

Easter is the time of Jesus Christ resurrection, and in this way, the day holds a very special meaning in remembrance of Christian history.  The words are both secular and relating to his crucifixion, revival and the celebrations following, with thorough poring, you will have  fun while searching for these words!

‘Tis the time to celebrate the season of spring and the holiday of Easter!

Word Search Puzzles For Children: Vertical Only Vol II: Word Search Puzzles For Beginners Volume 2 Paperback

Word Search Puzzles For Children: Vertical Only Vol II: Word Search Puzzles For Beginners Volume 2 Paperback – Large Print, January 7, 2016

Crush Your Competition Marketing Strategies for Contractors: Out of the Box Marketing Tactics for Small Service Businesses Kindle Edition by Barry Maddox Jr (Author)

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These highly effective marketing tactics are for businesses such as:

painting, lawn care, landscaping, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning, maid service, remodeling, roofing, gutter cleaning, tree trimming, snow plowing, dirt work, concrete work, duct cleaning, insulation, chimney sweeping, plumbing, siding, installations, appliance repair, dry walling, contracting, HVAC, irrigation, deck building, deck restoration, deck staining, steam cleaning, asphalt sealing, handyman, babysitting, pet sitting, pet walking, mobile pet grooming, mobile car detailing, dry cleaning pickup, locksmith, personal chef, mobile mechanic, personal trainer, tutoring, computer repair, pool service, home decorating, custom closet organizing, and others.

Any business that provides homeowner targeted services will greatly benefit from these inexpensive yet highly effective marketing strategies that will be sure to leave your competition in the dust.

Increase your profits by learning:


    • Why traditional marketing eats profits


    • Highly effective marketing strategies that won’t bust your budget


    • Secret strategies you can put into action immediately


    • How to increase your local Internet presence


    • How to answer the phone to increase your sales


    • How to get a good response rate from mailing only 30 letters


    • How offering a guarantee can be priceless


    • How an exclusive warranty can have your competition scrambling

These are marketing secrets you don’t want your competition to know! Add to cart now to take advantage of these surefire high profit marketing strategies before it’s too late!

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2016 The Year of Branding

How to Get the Job You Want Kindle Edition by Christine John (Author)

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How to Get the Job You Want

How to Get the Job You Want is a practical guide which provides you with the tools you need to find a job that you enjoy doing. The job market is very competitive and you need to have the right tools to stay one step ahead of all the other candidates in order to land a great job. This book is the solution to your job hunting needs. This comprehensive guide gives you great advice to assist you with your job search and is suitable for those who want to change their careers and for those who just graduated from high school or college.

This simple step-by-step guide will show you how to:

1. Find job vacancies
2. Create a professional-looking CV
3. Write a cover letter
4. Complete an application form
5. Prepare for a job interview
6. Complete psychometric tests
7. Answer common job interview questions
8. Handle job offers and rejections

We spend so much of our lives at work. Wouldn’t it be great if you enjoyed the work that you do? So don’t waste another minute. Discover how you can get a job doing what you love with this easy to read guide.

Free for a limited time only. Download your copy below.


Business & Investing

Celebrating Dr. King and those who are still enduring with integrity and tenacity

A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and those who are still in the trenches.




Thanking God for brand new mercies! For they are new every morning.


Your Work from Home Journey: Three Paths You Can Take and What You Need to Know Before You Go (Kindle Edition)

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Have you always wanted the freedom and flexibility of working from home, but you weren’t sure how to get started? If you’re an employee now, are you scared to give up that security for an unknown outcome? Are you a stay-at-home parent who wants to make extra money while your kids are at school? Whatever your situation, this book shows you three legitimate ways to earn from home and tells you what you need to consider when you work from home.

Not just another directory

Too many books about working from home are nothing more than directories of different places where you can apply for work-at-home jobs. They offer little or no advice to help you understand what’s involved in working from home. In Your Work from Home Journey, you’ll learn not only where to find work that matches your skills, but also how to be a successful freelance worker and what to know before you start.

This book is divided into two sections. The first provides information on three viable ways to make money from home: by taking inbound or making outbound calls, working as a freelance writer, or transcribing dictation. I have provided information on the skills and tools you need for these options, as well as some websites where you can find work in these different areas.

The book does NOT go into detail about how to spot a work-at-home scam, instead offering helpful links to websites that can help you spot scams.

Mindset, skills, information, roadmap

The second section provides a crash course in how to succeed when you work at home. The book tells you how to:

  • Develop a ‘work-at-home mindset’
  • Deal with common distractions
  • Stay organized
  • Understand the differences between an employee and an independent contractor
  • Maximize income tax deductions available when you work at home
  • Prevent or deal with common health problems that affect work-at-home professionals
  • Reduce stress when you work from home
  • Maximize your earning potential on revenue share freelance writing sites
  • Master the good phone skills needed when you work from home
  • Take care of your voice when you work from home.

Your Work from Home Journey provides you with a roadmap to success as a freelancer.

Here’s what others have to say about this book:

This book is very thorough and covers the most vital information on the three most popular/common work from home industries. This is actually great for work from home newbies because chances are they will go into one of the three industries mentioned, and this book covers everything from equipment and getting started to various companies you can work for. The information on taking care of your health when you do any of those jobs is also very helpful, because people don’t realize what a toll working at home and sitting at a desk all day can take on your health. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s thinking of working from home – Anna Thurman, Owner of the Website Real Ways to Earn Money Online.

FREE for a limited time only.





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