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Every Child Deserves A Fair Start Back-to-School Backpack Giveaway With Supplies



Joyful Connections Corporation Inc., to host a backpack giveaway benefiting Durham, N.C. school children.


 DURHAM, N.C. – July 13, 2017-Residents of Durham, NC, are about to benefit from an important backpack giveaway campaign. Joyful Connections Corporation, Inc., announces that they will be donating school backpacks with supplies in Durham. The backpacks will be filled with essential school supplies to help even the playing field, making going back to school brighter for children and parents.

This community outreach event will take place on August 12, 2017, at the Stanford L. Warren Library, located at 1201 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC  27707. This event will start at 10 am and end by 2 pm or while supplies last.

One backpack per child will be given away on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last. Backpacks are limited to two children per household. Parent or guardian must be present with the child to receive a backpack.

“We started planning this event because we saw the need for children to have the basic school supplies so they can have a great start to their school year. This campaign will help ease the burden on parents and guardians who may not be able to purchase back-to-school supplies. “We give parents one less thing to be concerned about,” said Alicia Grant, president and founder of Joyful Connections Corporation, Inc. “When we have an opportunity to help, lift up, and encourage others, we see it as a privilege to be able to assist.

About Joyful Connections Corporation, Inc.

Joyful Connections Corporation, Inc. was founded by Alicia Grant. It is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in Durham, NC. The organization’s goal is to empower, educate, motivate, and have fun while giving back to the community.

About Alicia Grant

Alicia Grant is the President of Joyful Connections Corporation, Inc. She is also a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She participates in various events in her community and also holds a position and participates on a city board.  Alicia Grant lives in Durham, NC, with her husband, Calvin Grant, her mother, children, and her grandchildren.






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200 of water
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Organic honey 1 teaspoon

Boil the water and add the cinnamon in it. Allow to dissolve for 30 minutes and allow to cool. Then add the honey. use this drink before you sleep. You will notice that the results after a few weeks.

Note: Never add honey in warm water because it will lose all its nutrients and enzymes.

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Joyful Connections Corporation Inc., Gives Back

Joyful Connections Corporation Inc,. was able to donate $200.00 to the Boys and Girls Club from our “Study to Shew Thyself Approved Bible Trivia Challenge For Children.”

This donation will help provide summer programming for over 30 children. Helping them to develop leadership skills and teaching them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Salvation Army Donation I


Sal Army II

Winners of the JCC Inc., Study To Shew Thyself Approved Bible Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to Abriann T. & Reggie R. The winners of Joyful Connections Corporation Inc., “Study To Shew Thyself Approved Bible Trivia Challenge” on 05/27/17.


Joyful Connections Corporation Inc.,  Mission Statement: Empowering, educating, motivating and having fun while giving back to the community.


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