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Jessica Grant’s Large Print Word Search Puzzles

The Book Of The Month

Large Print Word Search Puzzles Paperback – Large Print

Looking for a great way to have fun and enhance your vocabulary at the same time? Large Print Word Search Puzzles by Jessica Grant is the book for you. This book is packed with a collection of word search puzzles that will keep you entertained and indulged for hours. The Grids, word lists and solutions are all capital letters with large print. There is a page allotted for each solution. Your eyes and brain will thank you. Let the fun begin!

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Alicia Aiken has done it again! This Bible trivia author has penned a book that contains Bible trivia (multiple choice) from the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. All answers are located in the back of the book.

This book can be used as an individual study guide or you can turn it into a funfest Bible bowl challenge with family and friends.

This material is a must add to your Bible trivia collection.


Bible Trivia (Multiple Choice) Kindle Edition by Alicia Aiken

If you enjoy Bible trivia you will enjoy this eBook. It consists of 40 questions that are multiple choice. Questions are from the Old and New Testament of the King James Holy Bible. Test you biblical knowledge with this eBook.


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Bible Trivia (Multiple Choice) by [Aiken, Alicia]

Word Search For Beginners (Word Search Puzzles)

“My First Word Search Book: Horizontal and Vertical” by Alicia Aiken is great for beginners. These puzzles are intended for young children and can be a great learning tool. It will also benefit those less experienced with puzzles or just beginning to learn the English language. This is a fun way to pass the time and to help your children’s learning by teaching them a variety of words and extending their vocabulary. The puzzles include horizontal and vertical words, so they are as simple as possible for the untrained eye. The puzzles and word lists are helpfully capitalized to make them easier to read and recognize as well.

“My First Word Search Book: Horizontal and Vertical” is intended as a fun and creative method of learning. It can be done independently or as a group activity. So open the leaves of this book and delve into this series of puzzles.

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Thank you to everyone who tweeted, retweeted, liked, commented or purchased word search puzzle books by Alicia Aiken. Thank you for supporting this fundraiser. Funds will be donated to the JDRF. Thank you!!

Television Interview-JDRF and Alicia Aiken

What U.S. President Was Born on July 4th?

Celebrate Independence Day with your friends, family and this book.



Celebrate a booming Independence Day while incorporating some facts about the day is priceless. This book is filled with all sorts of patriotic words to find. You will encounter facts such as: Who was the first and second person to sign the Declaration of Independence? Which U.S. presidents died on July 4th? Which U.S. president was born on July 4th? And so many more! This educational word search book with a patriotic theme can be used for home or the classroom. BOOM! Let the fun begin.

North Carolina Author Supports A Great Cause

In Depth: NC Author Alicia Aiken Grant Donates Book Proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Click the link below to watch the interview on TWC News Channel 14

Supporting a great cause


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