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Reinventing Yourself

It is very easy to cry, “Woe my dreams have died”, but it is up to you to make a personal commitment to transform the quality of your life. God has given you everything that you need to succeed before you ever got here. In other words, your destiny was predestined. You are a success and you can make a difference! All that you would ever lay your hands to do in life, God has predestined it to succeed. Here is my story:

A Practical Guide to Writing & Publishing a Novel.: The Keep It Simple and Successful (K.I.S.S.) Way [Kindle Edition] Richard L. Wren (Author)

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WRITING & PUBLISHING DYNAMITE! Big tips in a small book. Now in updated 2nd Edition (April 2015). More actual, usable information in 24 pages than any other “how to” book of any size. All the gritty stuff you REALLY need to write and publish easily, fast, and cheaply. Before you waste time and money on expensive,disappointing books, try this at $5.95. Simple steps to indie publishing by someone who’s done it multiple times. Chosen by University writing and publishing courses as the most down to earth, practical guide for writing and publishing available. Shows you how it’s possible to have a finished, high quality book available for sale on Amazon for a TOTAL cost of $101.00 That’s not a typo. Look at my books (CASEY’S SLIP, JOSHUA’S REVENGE and JUSTICE FOR JOSHUA) to see the quality of my books published for well under $100.00.

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4Ps to Publishing Success: Get Your Manuscript Off Your Desk & Into Print

THE eBOOK OF THE DAY-Download Your Copy Today.

4Ps to Publishing Success: Get Your Manuscript Off Your Desk & Into Print is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step publishing guide for aspiring fiction and nonfiction authors. The book gives writers an overall picture of how to begin with an idea, develop it on paper, approach editors and agents (or self-publish), and promote themselves and their work. It includes exercises, resources and many tips.

My First Expertscolumn Pay Out Was It Worth It?

My First Expertscolumn Pay Out Was It Worth It?.

Profitable Ways to Make Money Online

Profitable Ways to Make Money Online.

Tips to Help Overcome Writer’s Block

Tips to Help Overcome Writer’s Block.

How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer


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