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North Carolina Author Supports A Great Cause

In Depth: NC Author Alicia Aiken Grant Donates Book Proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Click the link below to watch the interview on TWC News Channel 14

Supporting a great cause


Celebrating Dr. King and those who are still enduring with integrity and tenacity

A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and those who are still in the trenches.



North Carolina Author On The Rise

Alicia Aiken Is Ready to Challenge Bible Lovers with the Release of Her Third Bible Trivia Book

Author Alicia Aiken is pleased to announce the new release of her book, “Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis-II Kings Multiple Choice II Edition.” This book allows readers to test their biblical knowledge and learn the Bible while having fun. (Click on the link to read the entire pr)

North Carolina’s Author Releases Third Trivia Book

Alicia Aiken Provides Third Challenge for Bible Lovers

North Carolina Author On The Rise

How long have you been a writer?

I had been writing for several years and stopped for a while, but I started back in 2007 writing articles, poetry and short stories for various sites.


 Tell us about yourself?

 I’m a wife, and a mother who loves the Lord. I was born in Walterboro, SC to King S. Jr. and Jessie Ellison. I enjoy volunteering in my community and spending quality time with my family and friends.


What is most important in your life?

 There are many things that are important in my life. My husband, my parents, my beautiful children and grandchildren, my family and love ones, but the most precious is my acceptance of my Savior Jesus Christ.

 How many books do you have out?

 1.Powerful Bible Scriptures on Healing-Alicia Grant

 2.Bible Scriptures to Combat the Spirit of Depression-Alicia Grant

 3.The Psalms and You: A Daily Meditation-Alicia Grant

 4.Old Testament Bible Trivia Multiple Choice Genesis-II Kings-Alicia Aiken

 5.New Testament Bible Trivia Fill In The Blanks Matthew-Revelation-Alicia Aiken

 6.I Can Be Anything I Want To Be-Alicia Aiken

 7.The Ruby In The Hat Box-M. Garvin

8.Madison and Mason Learn the Values of Fitness-A. Daniels

 *And several others


 How many do you have in the works?

 I’m working on combining two pieces of my work, “Old Testament Bible Trivia Multiple Choice Genesis-II Kings”, and “New Testament Bible Trivia Fill In The Blanks From Matthew-Revelation.” My second piece of work is a novella that I’m currently working on entitled, “Nettie.” This novella is about a mother who escaped from slavery and was terrified to learn that her nine year old daughter was kidnapped and sold into slavery and possibly living in the very house she had escaped from.


 Are the characters in your book important?

 Yes, they are very important since they make the story. I want them to take on a life and to have such a presence that the reader feels as if they are there witnessing the story and the outcome.


Tell us about your book, characters

Well, I have written various books with several characters. I guess if I had to choose one of my favorites it would be the character(s) from the book entitled, “I Can Be Anything I Want To Be.” I love this eBook because it challenges the imagination of a child. It allows them to see pictures that will awake their imagination and encourage them to reach for the stars. From this book my quote was created, “When you encourage a child you elevate a child.” This eBook is available in Afrikaans, English, French, Japanese, and Spanish and will impact many children lives.


Do you research for your books?

 Some of them yes, but not all it depends on what subject I’m taking on. If it is biblical yes I do.


Can you tell us more about the coming up events in your life?

 I’m looking forward to finishing and releasing my novella “Nettie.” I’m a candidate for a position on the City Board and I’m elated about that.







Thank you in advance for supporting this author.

North Carolina Rising Rap Artist Release New Single

Durham, NC-Jody Joe is a multi-talented rapper/songwriter and producer who reside in North Carolina. He has released his latest single titled “You Know.” This single was written by Jody Joe and displays his smooth and melodic voice.

Jody B as he is sometimes called started his musical journey at the age of 14. He would write lyrics that told stories people could relate too. People also enjoy listening and dancing too his tunes. At the age of 16 he was given a studio microphone as a gift and he spent countless hours perfecting his craft and style while also helping local artists produce their work.

Jody Joe is unique in the way he delivers his music as he captivates his audience with his incredible lyrics. Jody Joe states, “My goal is to make music that will last and stand the test of time.”

Even though Jody Joe has been compared to other well-known rappers he is ready and determine to leave his mark on the hip-hop world.

Music for the single “You Know” was created by N.I.P. Productions.

Click on or paste the link below for your free download:

John Edwards Back In The News

John Edwards’ campaign finance troubles could be getting worst. Prosecutors have issued several subpoenas. They want to know if campaign funds were used to keep Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter quiet.

Edwards, was a former North Carolina senator and 2004 Democratic candidate for vice president. Two years ago Edwards had an affair with Hunter who bore his love child.

John Edwards’ former aide Andrew Young said that vast sums of money was spent to keep Hunter in hiding.

Dad Leaves 3-Year-Old Home Unattended

On Sept. 24 Rodolfo Alvarado left his 3-year-old daughter home alone. He drove from Rock Hill, SC to Gastonia, NC. Alvarado told the officers over the phone since the child was asleep he thought she would be fine until her mother arrived home at 6:30 am.

The child was seen walking around the apartment complex in her sleeping clothes around 6:00 am. Police officers followed the little girl to her apartment and found out that she was left unattended.

Alvarado was charged with unlawful conduct toward a child and placed under arrest on Friday. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

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