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Put Your Doubts To Rest

Joyful Connections Corporation is seeking contestants ages 10-12 years old for A Bible Trivia Challenge


NC Author Alicia Aiken Gives Back


Had a great time at NC  News Channel 14

Celebrating Dr. King and those who are still enduring with integrity and tenacity

A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and those who are still in the trenches.



North Carolina Author On The Rise

Alicia Aiken Is Ready to Challenge Bible Lovers with the Release of Her Third Bible Trivia Book

Author Alicia Aiken is pleased to announce the new release of her book, “Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis-II Kings Multiple Choice II Edition.” This book allows readers to test their biblical knowledge and learn the Bible while having fun. (Click on the link to read the entire pr)

North Carolina’s Author Releases Third Trivia Book

Alicia Aiken Provides Third Challenge for Bible Lovers

NC Music Artist Featured

NC Pop/R&B Artist Cierra Grant Performing At the 2012 Warehouse Blues Concert

NC Pop/R&B Artist Cierra Grant Performing At the 2012 Warehouse Blues Concert.

Butterflies by Cierra Grant – Uploaded by: AGRANT10

Butterflies-Written and Recorded by Cierra Grant. Follow Cierra on Twitter@IamCierraGrant

Song produced by NC Musician JodyJoe

Follow JodyJoe on Twitter!/JodyHendrixJoehref=””>Butterflies by Cierra Grant – Uploaded by: Cierra Grant – @IamCierraGrant.

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