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After School: Is Getting an MBA Really Worth It? Kindle Edition


30 MBA grads a few years out of school recollect their triumphs and missteps before and after business school. This is After School: Is Getting an MBA Really Worth It?

An MBA is a big commitment, so you want to get the most out of it. After School features the following:

30 interviews from MBA graduates 1 – 5 years out of school.
12 different schools.
16 different pre-business school industries.
18 different pre-business school roles.
Genuine stories of success and failure.

The graduates interviewed currently work in the following areas: Consulting & Strategy, Brand Management, General Management, Operations, Product Management, Finance, and Startups & Entrepreneurship. Each interviewee details his or her job, including the likes, dislikes, frustrations, and future outlooks as well as how school succeeded or failed to prepare them for their positions. All the thoughts expressed feed into the ultimate question of whether an MBA is worth the time and money.

After School: Is Getting an MBA Really Worth It? by [Nwankwo, Nkem]

Business Fits: Finding the Right Business for You! Kindle Edition by Terry Oliver Lee (Author)

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Is it time to control your destiny with your own business?

How do you find the right business? Why do some businesses fail? The biggest mistake the new entrepreneur makes is selecting a business based on their emotional perception of a product or service. This outside-in approach may take you down the wrong road.

The key is finding the right business that fits your talents, skills, and resources. The right business fit can help you reach your goals and achieve the life style your desire. Don’t make this important desicion for the wrong reasons.

The options are infinite. Where do you start? Should you start your own business from scratch? Should you be looking for an existing business to buy? Is a franchise or some other business opportunity right for you?

Business Fits guides you through a creative inside-out approach to finding the right business to reach your goals.

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Million Dollar Messages: The Quickest Way To Creating Huge Profits [Kindle Edition] Deon Nazworth (Author)

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If you want to make money online, you must read this book! As in internet marketer, you know that email marketing is the lifeblood of your business, however, mental block can easily stand in your way of huge profits. Never be caught off-guard again not knowing what to write to your email subscriber community. Learn this one simple trick that can change the way you create your email series and profit big every single time.

Business Analysis for Leaders: 5 Key Steps to Establish a Successful, Effective Enterprise Using the SPIRE Framework By Shahied

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The eBook of the day

Business Analysis for Leaders intends to help readers understand and address the challenges that leaders face within business analysis. Shahied Joseph introduces The SPIRE Business Analysis Leadership Framework™, which is a powerful way to lead and manage a business analysis team. This book encourages readers to review and challenge their current approach and leadership skills, and shows them how to gain credibility throughout their organisation.
This inspirational book, which includes survey results taken from transformational leaders around the world, will help readers:
• understand the key elements for leading a successful business analysis team
• raise the profile and visibility of their business analysis team

Download your copy now:

101 Things to Sell Online By Jeannie Pitt

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The eBook of the Day

101 Things to Sell Online – a book by Jeannie Pitt// // // // //

Make Money Online Selling Things You Never Dreamed People Would Buy!

You’ve heard the success stories of people who start selling shoelaces online and strike it rich. You might have wondered, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

As a creative person, you’ll be pleased to discover this huge list of handmade creations and supplies that can generate an income, and one of the best ways to sell them.

Get On Google Front Page: SEO Tips for Online Marketing By Jason Matthews


Get On Google Front Page: SEO Tips for Online Marketing – a book by Jason Matthews// // // // //

Get on Google’s front page with easy SEO tips. Simple SEO (search engine optimization) can get any site to the top without spending money.

Discover ways to use keywords, meta descriptions and tags, categories/labels, titles, link-building and more.

Step by step instructions to help your site get on Google front page. Anyone can do this. It costs nothing but a little bit of time.

How to Start Your Online Business And Make Money Online Series: Entrepreneur Books, Book 9 By Saad Ghafoor & John Davidson

Check Out The eBook Of The Day!

How to Start Your Online Business And Make Money Online – a book by Saad Ghafoor & John Davidson// // // // //

The following eBook covers the steps through which an online business can be built strategically to overcome the hurdles faced during the development. It lays down the simplest steps of creating an idea to designing the entire website.
People have become millionaires by creating a novel idea through which online business can be done.



E-commerce Get It Right! – Essential Step by Step Guide for Selling & Marketing Products Online By Ian Daniel

Discover the 4 Critical Steps for Building and Marketing a Highly Profitable Start-Up or Existing E-commerce Website…

Whether you are a Start-up or if you have an existing e-commerce website that is struggling to make a profit, this book is packed full of the latest tried and tested e-commerce strategies and practical tips, proven over a 10-year period to generate explosive Sales & Profits.


How to Make Money with Your Digital Camera-The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home Based Business that Earns You Monthly Passive Income By Saeed Sikiru


The rapid growth of the Internet and the increase creation of online based businesses have lead to the high demand for stock photos.


Because the Internet is powered by words and images. Without photos, words alone cannot convey a message to the right audience. A picture tells a thousand stories. A web designer can convey a message to his audience effectively when combined with images, than by text alone.

Besides web designers, other industries such as banks, insurance companies, teachers, magazines & newspaper editors, entrepreneurs, e-Commerce, scrap bookers, lawyers, realtors, illustrators, travel agents, artists, graphic designers, advertisers, etc., etc. all need images to keep their online operations interactive, and stand out from the competition. This trend has created a situation where the demand for digital images is far exceeding supply, and there’s no sign of declining now and in future.

What does all this means to you?

It means a wonderful opportunity to anyone with a digital camera to create an income stream by selling digital photos to stock photography websites, popularly known as microstock photography sites.

The gold in this business model is that you don’t need any capital to start. The only tool you need is a digital camera which I’m sure you have. Besides a camera, you need passion for taking pictures, and the will to make this business a success. That’s all.

How do I start this business? You ask, right? Don’t worry. This guide is designed to teach you just that.

This is what you’ll learn in: How to Make Money with Your Digital Camera – The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home Based Business that Earns You Monthly Passive Income

1. How this Business Works
2. How You Can Make Money from this Business
3. How to Get Started
4. Types of Photos that Sell Really Well
5. How to Get Photo Ideas
6. Tips for Taking Quality Photos that Sell
7. Places to Sell Photos – Microstock Sites that Buy Photos
8. What it Takes to Succeed in this Business
9. 13 Photography Tips for Inspiration and Constant Improvement and
10. Valuable Resources to Help You Take Your Business to the Top and More Money

Grab a copy of this book now, and start making money from home.



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