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“Old Testament Bible Trivia Multiple Choice Genesis-II Kings II Edition” by Alicia Aiken

Those who enjoyed Alicia Aiken’s first two Bible trivia books, “New Testament Bible Trivia from Matthew-Revelation” and “Old Testament Bible Trivia Multiple Choice Genesis-II Kings”, now have another exciting challenge. Alicia’s zeal for making Bible knowledge interesting to the young and old alike has birthed her third trivia book, “Old Testament Bible Trivia Multiple Choice Genesis-II Kings II Edition.” This book is packed with more trivia.

“Old Testament Bible Trivia Multiple Choice Genesis-II Kings II Edition” features multiple choice questions from Genesis-II Kings (KJV). This book contains a variety of Bible scriptures ranging from easy to difficult. The location of the scriptures is found next to the statements and the answers are provided at the back of the book.

“Old Testament Bible Trivia Multiple Choice Genesis-II Kings II Edition” is a multi-purpose resource that can be used as a study guide, Sunday school guide, a Vacation Bible School activity book or on game night with family and friends.  Scholars from Christian Colleges and academies can also benefit significantly from this book.

ISBN: 9780692450871

“Old Testament Bible Trivia Multiple Choice Genesis-II Kings II Edition” by Alicia Aiken


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NC Author Alicia Grant (Aiken) On WNCN-My Carolina Today TV Show

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Test Your Biblical Knowledge

While a sacred scripture that holds vital clues to some of life’s most important facets, author Alicia Aiken is proving that the New Testament can also be a whole load of fun. Aiken’s new book, written for both formal Bible study and for entertainment, challenges readers to study from Matthew-Revelation and fill in the blanks from over 600 parts of the scriptures.

‘New Testament Bible Trivia from Matthew-Revelation’ is as fun and entertaining as it is important.

Synopsis: Calling all Bible scholars and novices too, if you enjoy testing your Bible knowledge or if you want to learn Bible scriptures take the challenge. This book consists of over 600 fill-in-the blanks from Matthew to Revelation (KJV).

The scriptures range from easy to difficult and the location of the scriptures are listed after each fill-in-the blank. The answers are also found in the back of the book. You can read the chapter in the Bible first to test your memory. This book can be used as a study guide, a Vacation Bible School activity book, a Sunday School guide or on game night with your family and friends.

This book can be both entertaining and educational, use it to increase your Bible knowledge.

As the author explains, this unique book is the result of a new-found literary career.

“I was told I should write a book by one of my Communication Instructors at Barber-Scotia College. However, being young and looking to embark on a marketing career, I put the image in the back of my mind. In 2007 I rekindled that fire and started writing articles, short stories and poetry as a hobby,” says Aiken.

Continuing, “After winning a poetry competition and seeing many of my short stories rank #1 in their respective categories, I decided to allow this past-time to blossom into a new and exciting writing career. I’m doing what I enjoy-writing and helping others explore the Bible!”

During her short but prolific writing career, Aiken has released a number of popular paperback books – ‘Powerful Bible Scriptures on Healing’, ‘Bible Scriptures to Combat the Spirit of Depression’ and of course ‘New Testament Bible Trivia from Matthew-Revelation’.

With demand for the latter increasing and with holiday gift buying season in full swing, interested readers is urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘New Testament Bible Trivia from Matthew-Revelation’ is available now:

About the Author: Alicia Aiken was born in South Carolina. Alicia majored in Business Admission concentration in Marketing. She graduated cum laude from Barber-Scotia College. She is the wife of Calvin Grant and she lives in North Carolina with her family.

Powerful Bible Scriptures On Healing

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