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Bishop Kenneth Moales Sr

A Tribute To Bishop Kenneth Moales Sr.

Bishop Kenneth Moales suffered a fatal heart attack on Monday evening. He was only 64 years old. Bishop Moales celebrated his 65th birthday celebration this pass Saturday. The celebration was attended by various distinguished leaders in the community of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Bishop Moales gave his attendee’s CDs as his party favor. His actual birthday was Tuesday, September 21st.

Bishop Moales was a native of Bridgeport and the founder of Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love (now the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit) in 1969. He was only twenty one years old. The ministry was considered to be a storefront ministry. It was stated by one of his friends that he did not even have enough money to turn the lights on so he held sessions and Sunday school during the day. However this did not deter Bishop Moales as he held fast to the promises of God. He was committed to the youth of Bridgeport. The church has since grown and has moved several times but still remains on Strafford Ave. The church now has over 1,000 worshippers a week.

In 2003 Bishop Moales opened a school called Love Christian Academy. Moales was also the author of “Strategies for Spiritual Warfare: A Collection of Sermons. He also served on a host of committees and organizations. He indeed served his community and all the states he was over well.

Bishop Kenneth Moales is survived by his wife of forty three years Lady Peggy A. Moales, three children, twelve grand children and one great-grand child.

Many have been blessed and touched by Bishop’s Moales ministry and music.

Rest in Peace

The Passing of Bishop Kenneth Moales Sr

The founder of the Prayer Tabernacle Church, now Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Bishop Kenneth Moales Sr. has died of a heart attack on Monday. Funeral arrangements are fothcoming.

Please keep his family and congregation lifted up in prayer during this season.

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