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Alicia Aiken has done it again! This Bible trivia author has penned a book that contains Bible trivia (multiple choice) from the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. All answers are located in the back of the book.

This book can be used as an individual study guide or you can turn it into a funfest Bible bowl challenge with family and friends.

This material is a must add to your Bible trivia collection.


Bible Trivia (Multiple Choice) Kindle Edition by Alicia Aiken

If you enjoy Bible trivia you will enjoy this eBook. It consists of 40 questions that are multiple choice. Questions are from the Old and New Testament of the King James Holy Bible. Test you biblical knowledge with this eBook.


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Bible Trivia (Multiple Choice) by [Aiken, Alicia]

Bible Trivia Questions (Multiple Choice) Kindle Edition By Alicia Aiken

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The eBook of the week:


Think you know the Bible?

These 70 questions will allow you to test your biblical knowledge. The questions are multiple choice ranging from slightly easy to difficult. This eBook can be used as a great study guide or you can also turn it into a funfest Bible bowl challenge with family and friends. The answers are provided from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.


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An Introductory to 101 Bible Trivia Questions for Children By Alicia Aiken

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****This is an introduction to the eBook entitled 101 Bible Trivia Questions for Children************
This eBook entails the first 50 questions and answers from the original eBook of 101 Bible Trivia Questions for Children.

Whether it is preparing for a Bible Quiz Bowl or a fun game of Bible trivia, coming up with questions to test your knowledge on the Bible can be challenging. This book is designed to make coming up with the questions the easy part. You still have to find; study and make sure you know the answers. The answers are located at the end of the book. These questions are varied from easy to intermediate so everyone can have fun, even adults!


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