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You might love reading this book if you want to improve your ability to get through tough emotions like anger, fear, and frustration! If you want to have a chance to improve one day at a time and avoid the next angry outburst or decision made based on fear or explosion of frustration, reading one chapter each day from this book might help a lot based on my experience using what I share with you in my own life. The names of each chapter will give you a good idea of what to expect in this book.

CHAPTER 1: Understanding Your Emotions: Why Are You Really Upset?

CHAPTER 2: How To Have Positive Reactions To Anger.

CHAPTER 3: Creating Amazing Progress: Why Criticism Doesn’t Work.

CHAPTER 4: How To Control Video Game Anger With Peace And Trust.

CHAPTER 5: Stop The Pain – How To Pay Attention To Your Body.

CHAPTER 6: Forget The Past: Make Better Choices Today.

CHAPTER 7: How Asking For Help Can Change Your Life.

CHAPTER 8: How To Overcome Not Feeling Fulfilled In Life.

CHAPTER 9: Success After A Huge Loss: Rising Above Failure.

CHAPTER 10: Getting Rid Of The Pain Body – How To Face Negativity.

CHAPTER 11: Controlling Anger Techniques For The Worst Situations.

CHAPTER 12: Stop Making Fun Of People: The Karma Of Bullying.

CHAPTER 13: Embracing Failures – How To Create Incredible Success.

CHAPTER 14: How To Stop Projecting Your Feelings Onto Others.

CHAPTER 15: How To Stop Blaming Yourself For Uncontrollable Thoughts.

CHAPTER 16: Sick Day Benefits: How To Enjoy Your Next Sick Day.

CHAPTER 17: What To Do When Things Go Wrong.

CHAPTER 18: Prayer: The Ultimate Key To Dealing With Frustration In Life.

CHAPTER 19: How Do You Stop Complaining? Focus On You.

CHAPTER 20: Are You Relieving Depression And Anxiety? How To Find Peace.

CHAPTER 21: The Best Way To Get Help With Frustration.

CHAPTER 22: How To Succeed At Overcoming Fear And Self Doubt.

CHAPTER 23: Is Getting Rid Of Fear Of Failure Possible For You?

CHAPTER 24: How To Feel Good About Yourself – Even When You’re Mad.

CHAPTER 25: Accepting Reality Of Life: How To Enjoy Your Worst Moments.

CHAPTER 26: Stop Playing The Victim! Fix The Real Problem Right Now.

CHAPTER 27: Constructive Criticism Helps! How To Make Use Of Negative Feedback.

CHAPTER 28: How To Succeed At Accepting The Life You Have

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you enjoy the book!


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28 Strategies to Get Rid of Fear, Anger, and Frustration in Your Life: A daily journey to control your emotions in your worst moments! by [Banfield, Jerry]