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Diabetes: 15 Simple Habits to Lower Blood Sugar and Reverse Diabetes Naturally (Diabetes Cure) Kindle Edition by Amanda Hopkins (Author)

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Diabetes Diet, Diabetic Living & Diabetes Cure

Simply put, diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in a person’s blood is too high. If left untreated, diabetes can progress over time, resulting in blindness, heart attacks, kidney disease, strokes and other serious complications. Unfortunately, there is no medical cure currently available for what is often called a “silent killer.”

A healthy lifestyle is an essential part of coping with diabetes as well as healing. This book offers effective tips and strategies on how you can lower your blood sugar naturally and cure diabetes. You will learn the following:
• How to avoid sugar and count your carb intake
• How to deal with stress, quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption
• Diabetes diets and effective supplements that can be used to reduce your blood glucose levels naturally
• Diabetic meal plans
• How to care for your feet in order to avoid problems
• How to prepare for travel

These healthy habits are effective, easy to implement and side-effect free. They can help you manage your diabetes not only today, but for years to come. Take back control over your health and start reading this informative book today.

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Juicing Recipes: 50 Easy & Tasty Juicing Recipes to Lose Weight and Detox Your Body (Lose Weight and Stay Fit Book 3) [Kindle Edition]

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There is no doubt that the things we eat and drink have a significant impact on our health and well-being; so, it is imperative that we be extremely selective when it comes to choosing what we consume. A healthy eating plan should include plenty of fruits and vegetable, especially considering the wonderful health benefits they have to offer. In order to get the most out of these products, many people have turned to juicing to ensure they are consuming adequate quantities of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.

Juicing offers an exceptional product by extracting the natural juices from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It also offers an excellent way to help you lose weight. These natural juices are low in calories because they contain a great deal of water as well as fiber, which helps the body shed toxins. Of course, the juice that is extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables also contains ingredients that will help to suppress your appetite. You don’t have to feel deprived or hungry.

Whether you are new to juicing or you’ve been doing it for a long time, this book offers fresh ideas you’ll want to try. There is an abundance of wonderful recipes that will get you excited about juicing. One of the biggest hurdles people encounter when juicing is knowing which juice combinations to make or how to go about the process of juicing. This book offers an easy guide and delicious recipes that will help you overcome these problems. You can easily retrain your palate to enjoy the low fat and low sugar benefits of eating naturally.

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DASH Diet for Weight Loss: 21 Tasty DASH Diet Recipes to Lose Weight and Lower Blood Pressure (Lose Weight and Stay Fit) [Kindle Edition]

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When you start making your health a priority by focusing on your life habits and diet and by losing weight, you’ll start to look and feel your best. From 2011 to 2015, the DASH diet has been consistently ranked as the top overall diet by US News & World Report. The DASH diet is extremely easy to follow, making it the best plan for those who are looking to drop pounds. It promotes healthy food choices that are both reasonable and moderate. Rather than using a strict, deprivation diet plan that leaves you feeling undernourished and dissatisfied, you’ll have access to all of the fresh, delicious foods that are out there.

DASH Diet For Weight Loss makes it easy to lose weight by following the DASH diet. You can learn more about the foods that you should be eating and the foods that you should avoid as well as how to make a simple and seamless transition to this healthy way of living. The 21 DASH recipes offered in this book include a full week of tasty and nutrient-rich ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With every recipe, you’ll get calorie and sodium (mg) information as well as serving sizes. With these recipes, you can regulate your blood pressure, drop pounds and feel incredible.

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