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Alicia Ellison Grant

ArtistRack brings to you Alicia Ellison Grant and her single ‘Have You Tried Jesus’

If you enjoy gospel music check out Alicia  Ellison Grant single ‘Have You Tried Jesus.’ Download or stream today.

brings to you Alicia Ellison Grant and her single ‘Have You Tried Jesus’

Download or Stream Today

Have You Tried Jesus

Celebrating Dr. King and those who are still enduring with integrity and tenacity

A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and those who are still in the trenches.




Thanking God for brand new mercies! For they are new every morning.


Brave Soldiers of the USA

Brave Soldiers of the USA-This song was written and recorded in honor of our troops.

Reinventing Yourself

It is very easy to cry, “Woe my dreams have died”, but it is up to you to make a personal commitment to transform the quality of your life. God has given you everything that you need to succeed before you ever got here. In other words, your destiny was predestined. You are a success and you can make a difference! All that you would ever lay your hands to do in life, God has predestined it to succeed. Here is my story:

Freedom Train [Kindle Edition] Alicia Ellison Grant (Author)

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The eBook Of The Day

Cato is a sixteen year old living on the Aiken’s plantation. He and others are about to be sold. Find out how Cato holds on to his desire to become free as slavery threatens to tear his family apart.

NAACP 39th Freedom Fund Banquet

I Love The Lord (Cover)

Rebecca’s First Pet By Alicia Ellison Grant

Alicia Ellison Grant, the author of “Cierra and the Television,” has penned and published her second children’s eBook. “Rebecca’s First Pet” is about a little girl and her family who goes to the pet store, to pick out her very first pet. This eBook is both fun and educational as you will find ten questions about this entertaining story at the end of the book. This will allow the parent or instructor to see if the child understood what they have read. This is a great eBook for any elementary student.

Alicia Ellison Grant wears several hats and has been writing since 2006. She has written several articles, eBooks, and books. She has narrated several audio books and recorded many CD’s. Alicia enjoys writing children books and states that she is very happy when she sees any child reading a book but she is even more ecstatic when she knows they comprehend what they have read.

Rebecca’s First Pet is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other digital outlets where eBooks are sold. Rebecca’s First Pet is also available on


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