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Colon Cleansing: A holistic Approach Kindle Edition by Daniel Lee (Author)


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Why the Body needs Detoxification?
Our system absorbs the nutrients from the food we eat. The nutrient molecules then travel through the blood, enters into each and every cell of our body. Hence the body acquires the energy and the materials it requires to run all the essential functions. Once the foods are processed inside the body and necessary nutrients are procured, the wastes are expelled through the rectum. This is the very basic theory of healthy bowel functioning. But does our bowel always function in an ideal way? What if our bowel fails to empty the wastes properly, and the wastes accumulate within the intestine and form toxic? And what if the toxin then gets absorbed through the intestinal walls and enters into our blood? It will be quite damaging for our health, isn’t it? It can only happen if we have unhealthy bowel movements, or if we have a dysfunctional bowel. But how many do we have a healthy bowel? Dr. Norman Walker, A pioneer of colonic detoxification methods, stated, “Out of 100,00 autopsies that I had attended, less than 10% of the people had normal colons”


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Colon Cleansing: A holistic Approach by [Lee, Daniel]

Large Print Word Search Puzzles Paperback – Large Print by Jessica Grant

Makes a great gift


On the Horizon 2016

“Word Search Puzzles for Children Horizontal Only” by Alicia Aiken and Joshua Smith

Word search puzzles are a great way to develop a child’s vocabulary and growing mind. “Word Search Puzzles for Children Horizontal Only” by Alicia Aiken and Joshua Smith is the perfect tool to help your young child grow to be the best he or she can be.


With word length varying from two to seven letters, your child will have fun without being overwhelmed. As they search for words – horizontally, like the ones they might see in any book – young children will be introduced to the world of word search in an exciting way, before they’re ready to graduate to more challenging puzzles.


There are puzzles of various sizes, so each puzzle – with ten words each to find – is sure to keep your child guessing. Children from pre-school age to fourth grade will be learning the spelling of various words. And, maybe most importantly, they’ll have fun while doing so.


Alicia Aiken, along with Joshua Smith, poured all their expertise in puzzle-making for children into this book.


So give the child in your life a gift that is both fun and an investment in cognitive development of “Word Search Puzzles for Children Horizontal Only.” You’ll be glad you did; and so will your child!



book_cover (12)

Coming Soon: Word Search Puzzles: Easy to Intermediate by Alicia Aiken


Word Search Puzzles: Easy to Intermediate by Alicia Aiken

Everybody loves a good word search puzzle book. Solving them is not only challenging, but fun. The sense of achievement is usually epic. Especially once you nail that word that’s been keeping you occupied for a while. And now, there’s a puzzle book especially geared toward children and those who are learning the English language. One that will not only ease them into the wonderful world of word search, but it will teach them the fundamentals of both language and sentence structure.

All the puzzles are capitalized, making it easier to spot the words that are familiar to them while also learning new words. The puzzles are horizontal and vertical, and this book also has an introduction to letter sharing puzzles.

Keeping children engaged is a task of its own. But with this book you’ll not only be able to increase vocabulary, but you can have fun while searching for the words. This book was designed to inspire creativity and help your child fall in love with the art of puzzle books.

You are just one word search away from fun!


HOLY SPIRIT COME: Releasing Your Spiritual Gifts (The Art of Charismatic Christian Living Book 3) Kindle Edition by Connie Bryson (Author)

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HOLY SPIRIT COME: Releasing Your Spiritual Gifts (The Art of Charismatic Christian Living Book 3)

Experience the Power of God

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be equipped with power from on high? To be filled with the Holy Spirit? You may see miracles beyond your imaginings. You may be given gifts of healing, or prophecy. There is no limit to what God may have for you. All you have to do is yield and receive. You may have questions:

• Who is the Holy Spirit?
• Are the supernatural gifts still operating today?
• What is it to be baptized with the Holy Spirit?
• Don’t all Christians have this power?
• How do I receive my spiritual gifts?

Whether you read this book on your own or with a group, dive into what the Bible really has to say about your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Discover what gifts await release in your life. Begin to move in the resurrection power of Jesus. Be used to the fullest not only for your own spiritual growth, but also for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

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Bible Trivia (Multiple Choice) Kindle Edition by Alicia Aiken (Author)

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The eBook Of The Day.

Bible Trivia (Multiple Choice) Kindle Edition by Alicia Aiken (Author)

If you enjoy Bible trivia you will enjoy this eBook. It consists of 40 questions that are multiple choice. Questions are from the Old and New Testament of the King James Holy Bible. Test you biblical knowledge with this eBook.

Obtain your copy today.

The Ultimate Atkins Diet Recipes: Best 40 Atkins Diet Recipes for Beginners Kindle Edition by Sophia Sands (Author)

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The Ultimate Atkins Diet Recipes: Best 40 Atkins Diet Recipes for Beginners

This book is packed with mouthwatering recipes, a 3-day meal plan, a detailed food list, and even some basic information that you will need to know about the Atkins Diet.

The recipes included in this book have been thoughtfully put together with you in mind. You will be able to indulge in hearty meals and tasty desserts daily. These recipes were made to fill you up, without putting your putting your progress at risk.

The diet will be broken down into two strategically developed phases that have been the developed with the intentions of influencing your body’s chemistry to work in the direction necessary for you to have a very successful weight loss. This will to keep your metabolism at a healthy performing rate.

The information and recipes found in this book will help you gain some basic knowledge on how the Atkins Diet works. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how beneficial the Atkins Diet can be for you.

Make the commitment to incorporate Atkins into your lifestyle today!

Goodreads Book Giveaway For Old Testament Bible Trivia: Genesis-II Kings: Multiple Choice II Edition by Alicia Aiken

My book giveaway has started on Goodreads; enter to win an autographed copy of “Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis –II Kings Multiple Choice II Edition.”

If you enjoy Bible Trivia “Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis –II Kings Multiple Choice II Edition,” is the book for you. This book has many uses, including a study guide, Sunday school guide, or a Vacation Bible School activity book. It can be used in Christian colleges, academies, and schools. You can also turn it into a funfest Bible challenge with family and friends. Also makes a great gift. Enter to win.

Investing 101: Safe, Simple and Effective Money Management and Investing Basics for the Beginner Kindle Edition by Matthew Barnes (Author)

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Then You Are Going To Love This Book

Learn how to invest your way to retiring a millionaire before the age of 65 with a safe, simple and effective investing and money management system.

Investing 101 takes the mystery and fear out of investing. This investing system is so simple and easy that in only minutes per week you will be able to realistically outperform the majority of “experts” and professional investors out there, and with less risk. Most investors make horrible returns. Even the professionals. Don’t be one of them.

Ignore all the confusing and often contradicting advice out there and simply KNOW what to do, when and how. Quit hiring financial advisors that make more money off your money than you do. Quit hiring financial advisors that often lose you money, while they still get paid.

Invest the safer and more profitable way- YOU take control of your money.

Most People Only Dream Of Having Money. You Have To MAKE It Happen!

  • Soon to be among the Investing Best Sellers
  • Investing and money management system easy enough for “dummies” and beginners
  • So basic, almost anyone can do it
  • Grow and protect your money
  • This system even works if you are lazy

˃˃˃ You’ll be amazed at how simple it can be

Grab your copy NOW!


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