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Joyful Connections Corporation Inc., Gives Back

Joyful Connections Corporation Inc,. was able to donate $200.00 to the Boys and Girls Club from our “Study to Shew Thyself Approved Bible Trivia Challenge For Children.”

This donation will help provide summer programming for over 30 children. Helping them to develop leadership skills and teaching them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Salvation Army Donation I


Sal Army II

North Carolina Author On The Rise

Alicia Aiken Is Ready to Challenge Bible Lovers with the Release of Her Third Bible Trivia Book

Author Alicia Aiken is pleased to announce the new release of her book, “Old Testament Bible Trivia Genesis-II Kings Multiple Choice II Edition.” This book allows readers to test their biblical knowledge and learn the Bible while having fun. (Click on the link to read the entire pr)

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