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Word Search Puzzles:Easter and Springtime Paperback By Alicia Aiken

Word Search Puzzles Easter and Springtime will compliment any Easter basket.

**********MAKES A GREAT EASTER BASKET STUFFER.****************** Spring is in the air! With wildflowers and buzzing bees, the smell of budding trees and fresh rain, spring is certainly one of the seasons most colorful to our senses. It is also the season of a very important holiday close to the hearts of Christian followers. Spring can be described as the most vibrant and freshly-scented season of the year, and it is rightly so. In that way, isn’t it only natural that the words of spring be just as vibrant? Scan the letters up, down, across, and diagonally to find them! Easter is the time of Jesus Christ resurrection, and in this way, the day holds a very special meaning in remembrance of Christian history. The words are both secular and relating to His crucifixion, revival and the celebrations following, with thorough poring, you will have fun while searching for these words! There is also a page allotted for each puzzle solution. ‘Tis the time to celebrate the season of spring and the holiday of Easter!

Word Search Puzzles: Fourth Of July: 23 Interesting Facts….


Word Search Puzzles: Fourth Of July: Bonus Includes Twenty-Three Interesting Facts About The Fourth Of July, The Declaration Of Independence And More Paperback – Large Print By Alicia Aiken


Celebrate a booming Independence Day while incorporating some facts about the day is priceless. This book is filled with all sorts of patriotic words to find. You will encounter facts such as: Who was the first and second person to sign the Declaration of Independence? Which U.S. presidents died on July 4th? Which U.S. president was born on July 4th? And so many more! This educational word search book with a patriotic theme can be used for home or the classroom. BOOM! Let the fun begin.


NC Author Alicia Aiken Gives Back


Had a great time at NC  News Channel 14

One of Amazon’s Hot New Releases

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Book of the month

One of Amazon’s Hot New Releases.
Word Search Puzzles:Easter & Springtime by Alicia Aiken
Makes a great Easter gift.




2016 is Here ….

2016 is here and “Word Search Puzzles for Children Horizontal Only” by Alicia Aiken and Joshua Smith.

book_cover (12)Give the child in your life a gift that is both fun and an investment in cognitive development. You’ll be glad you did; and so will your child!


Word Search Puzzles For Children Horizontal Only: Word Search Puzzles For Beginners Vol. I (Word Search For Beginners) (Volume 1) Paperback – Large Print

Coming Soon

My First Word Search Book: Horizontal and Vertical by Alicia Aiken is great for beginners. These puzzles are intended for young children and can be a great learning tool. It will also benefit those less experienced with puzzles or just beginning to learn English.

This is a fun way to pass the time and to help aid your children’s learning by teaching them a variety of words and extending their vocabulary.

The puzzles include horizontal and vertical words only, so they are as simple as possible for the untrained eye. The puzzles and word lists are helpfully capitalized to make them easier to read and recognize as well.

My First Word Search Book: Horizontal and Vertical is intended as a fun and creative method of learning. It can be done independently or as a group activity.

Coming to Amazon soon.


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Calling All Kindle Unlimited Subs

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Calling All Kindle Unlimited Subs download my FREE eBook for children and start an open discussion with your child or students. “I Can Be Anything I Want to Be.” Available in Afrikaans, English, French, Japanese, Spanish.

Video-“I Can Be Anything I Want To Be”

Currently available for a FREE download for a limited time only.

The eBook Of The Day-“I Can Be Anything I Want To Be” By Alicia Aiken


Promoting skill building and learning ability in your child is vital at an early age. From Preschool on, children should be taught how to pursue their ideas in real life and too become excited about learning new activities. In this basic age of mental developing, learning activities and intellectual games are a great way of helping your child to learn.

They need to know that they can be anything they want to be and that is something they can learn in a fun way from this new eBook by author Alicia Aiken. Aiken has a history in writing Bible trivia and children stories. This book can be an indulgence to your child that will also help them learn something new. The book boasts the idea of self-acceptance. Titled “I Can Be Anything I Want To Be,” Aiken wants to boost the self-esteem and confidence of children.

 “Confidence and self-esteem must be instilled into our children at an early age. By letting them know they can be anything they want to be and telling them too dream big and aim high, the sky is the limit.” Aiken stresses over the importance of self-assurance in children. Aiken’s motto is “When you encourage a child you elevate a child.” 

With vivid and eye catching illustrations, this eBook introduces the children to a vibrant and compelling interface that will be a fun way for them to learn something new. It has been designed for children in Preschool through the third grade. The eBook is available for download on Amazon and can be a great addition to the educational treatise for your children.

Also available in French, Japanese, and Spanish.

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