The local vampires are very upset with Aro for falling for Zafina, a human, who knows of their existence and their identity, so they decide to take her and Aro out before he can turn her. Find out what happens in this short story when the other vampires turn on Aro and Zafina. Will they kill her or will Aro make her his forever?

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J. Smith’s “A New Life” definitely left me wanting more! I hope that this series is continued, as I can’t wait to read more about Aro and Zafina’s adventures.”-K13

“Found the story to be quite engaging, with good descriptions, flowing dialogue and a definite set up for future stories that I’ll be on the look out for.”-T. R

“It’s incredible when an author can hook you in to a story in a very short space of time, leaving you wanting more. That is exactly what J Smith has done here.”-Jones

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A New Life (Book 1) by [Smith, J.]