An essential reference on the history & meaning of money, it’s role in the cycle of trade and war, patterns of wealth across generations and how they differ by wealth category, and the implications for your personal wealth building strategy.

Replace the limited vision of saving only for retirement with a generational wealth building plan.

Obtain 10% to 30% annual dividend returns with relative safety (compared to what’s usually expected for such high rates) and finance your life with relatively less working capital – instead of liquidating your working capital just to live!

Guide your country or political party toward policies that allow such a plan to work, and away from instability that leads to war.

Gain understanding, using family backgrounds of 16 of the world’s wealthiest people told in a narrative style with over 120 color illustrations. Examine connections between increases in productivity and the invention of money, corporations, trade and war. Learn about :

– The seven stage cycle of trade, money & war.

– How to know whom you can trust and collaborate with. Most wealthy people have significant networks of lifelong friends, deeper and more trusted than business associates, sales contacts, or social group friends.

– How to train and encourage your children in making friends and becoming knowledgeable about markets and investing and the policies that lead to wealth or war.

– Why relying on jobs is not destined to work as well in the future as it has in the past, and how to guide your family toward a more stable position in the world.

– Not just how to invest in broad index funds that capture long term market returns without worry about crises, but also how to get more dividends from them to meet expenses without giving up growth.

– How to select Exchange Traded Funds that will vote their shares more in line with your views on executive compensation, corporate governance, even social issues.

– The safest ways to generate high income when you need it.

– How to analyze an early retirement or buyout situation.

– What the historical record is on whether monetary unions or sanctions can avoid war?

– Whether liberal or conservative policies lead to peace, or both are part of the same cycle?

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Money, Wealth & War by [Shuler, Robert]