Ever wondered what it takes to be happy? Does it require a monumental change in our lives such as a career change or is it simply finding time each day to sit down with a cup of tea after a busy day? Can it be both? Maybe. One thing is clear: happiness starts with you. There are many, many small steps you can implement that will increase your wellbeing and give your happiness a boost.

How to be Happy is a collection of 60 articles specifically devoted to happiness. Inspired by Positive Psychology, you will learn about your character strengths, getting creative, the benefits of lifelong learning, appreciating the joy of music, ways to boost your optimism and so much more. There are even articles dedicated to being happy every month of the year. The collection contains hundreds of tips you can apply to your own life. Hopefully you will find something that engages, inspires and maybe brings you one step closer to happiness.

Articles include:
* How to be happy again when you’re feeling down
* Ten time saving strategies that will also increase happiness
* Whistle while you work
* Small things bring happiness
* No more boredom
* Boost your mood and increase your happiness right now
* Tips to embrace your personality
* Increase happiness through your own abilities
* Can your mum and dad come out to play?

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How to be Happy: A Collection of 60 Happiness Writings by [Barnard, Julia]