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Questions for Couples: What to Ask Before You Say “I Do”: A Primer for Planning Your Future Together and A Guide to What to Expect From Premarital Counseling (The Wedding Series) Kindle Edition by J. Thomas Steele

With almost one-half of all first marriages ending in divorce, don’t you want to give your marriage the best head start you can?

Questions for Couples: What to Ask BEFORE You Say “I DO!”

offers you that head start! This primer for planning your future together offers you the insight you needto give you and your partner the best chances for a successful marriage!

Many marriages fail because of lack of preparation and knowledge of the skills necessary for a happy and fulfilling life together. Love and romance are great, but Questions for Couples will help you build a better basis for your marriage and help you discover more about yourself and your partner, and each other’s goals and expectations for your marriage, before the wedding! You’re each the others “The One” so make sure you are each other’s right one! If your relationship is serious enough that it is (or could be) leading to the altar, then You Need This Book!

Questions for Couplesprovides you with a wealth of information on premarital education and offers you a significant advantage towards a better marriage! In it you will learn:

    • + The importance of pre-marriage preparation
    • + The benefits of premarital counseling
    • + A guide to what to expect from premarital counseling
    • + The factors that contribute to a successful marriage
    • + The skill sets needed for a successful marriage
    • + The factors that contribute to divorce
    • + Remarriage and stepfamilies
    • + Quotes and thought starters to stimulate conversation

And over 450 realistic and practical questions in 18 categories to ask yourself and your partner; covering topics from Finances and Intimacy, to Religion and Vacations.

This self-help guide will lead you and your partner to self-discovery and help you both find a deeper understanding that will offer you the fullest potential for a successful, long-lasting marriage.

(Look, mate-seeking and marriage are serious things, but most engaged couples don’t seem to take it that way. Don’t you be like that! Put another way, you can spend your money on a vente at your local coffee shop or you can buy this book for about the same price and give yourself a chance for a successful marriage. Make the wise choice – it’s your future!)

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Questions for Couples: What to Ask BEFORE You Say “I DO!”