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The biggest elephant optometrists have been hiding in their inner circle has now been exposed…

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The 20/20 Vision Blueprint presented is scientifically backed by studies
and is based on the time-tested William Bates method that has assisted
hundreds of thousands since the early 1900’s with vision impairment.
The Bates method has been used, tested and endorsed by Aldous Huxley,
author of Brave New World:

“Within a couple of months I was reading without spectacles and, what was better still,
without strain and fatigue… At the present time, my vision, though very far from normal,
is about twice as good as it used to be when I wore spectacles”
– Aldous Huxley, The Art of Seeing

Eyesight Improvement: The 20/20 Vision Blueprint builds on the foundational work and eyesight exercises of Bates’
method by incorporating modern day science with the latest findings on nutrition, lifestyle and the
effects they have on our vision with the challenges our eyes face in today’s technological world.

Inside you’ll discover…


    • The Big Elephant Optometrists Have Been Hiding in Their Inner Circle (and Why)

  • The Risks and Truth About LASIK surgery



    • How Your Eyes Actually See & What This Means For You

  • The Number One Thing to Avoid For Enhanced Vision



    • The Secret Sauce to Combat The #1 Culprit Deteriorating Your Eyesight

  • 10 Eyesight Enhancing (E²) Exercises Your Eyes Will Love You For



    • Pinhole Glasses: What They Do and How to Use Them

    • Eye-Watering Foods That Invigorate Your Vision. TIP: Carrots don’t do squat!


    • The Essential Vitamins to Combat Cataracts

  • 3 Instant and Delicious Juicing Recipes That Supercharge Your Vision



    • 3 Simple Infused Water Concoctions You’re Dry Eyes Are Missing Out On

    • 2 Over Prescribed Drugs Keeping You Away From 20/20. Hint: They both start with A.


    • 6 Ancient Ayurvedic Exercises + Chinese Herbal Remedies that Improve Vision

  • Ancient Tibetan Eyesight Exercises for the Tibetan Eye Chart



  • The 20/20 Vision Blueprint 21 Day Program that Will Improve Your Eyesight in 21 Days or Less

You’ll discover these things and more in Eyesight Improvement: The 20/20 Vision Blueprint.

You can either carry your glasses with you everywhere for the rest of your life, or you can take the first step into
a blueprint that works and will have you ‘ears-free’.

Give Eyesight Improvement: The 20/20 Vision Blueprint a read and you won’t look back.

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