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An excerpt from the eBook “A New Life” by J. Smith

Looking around at the night sky, she could see so many details that her human eyes had never been able to detect. The number of stars in the sky had multiplied and even in the blackest of night she could see the bark on trees and hear the rustling of animals in the bushes. There was a small beating in her ears that she couldn’t quiet place at first until she saw a rabbit bounce out from behind a tree and locked eyes with it. The unmistakable thumping of a small heart was ringing in her ears. Her body felt cold and impossibly strong as she moved around effortlessly, without a stumble despite the many wounds she had suffered. All the weakness she ever felt in her human life was long gone and she was now more akin to an unstoppable machine. Aro watched her with a small smirk as she took in all of the new changes.


After the initial shock of everything started to dull she noticed a tiny burning in the back of her throat. Like a tickle of a fire that spread a longing throughout her body. Noticing the change in her demeanor Aro informed her that’s what the thirst feels like. It starts as a small burn then turns into an undeniable craving for something to stop it. With some guidance she was able to take down a few animals to coax the thirst into dying down inside of her. She looked up at him as the moonlight struck her face with eyes as big as saucers tinted like crimson and her mouth covered in blood.