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What Others Are Saying About “A New Life” By J. Smith.

“Although this story was short, Smith wrote with such clarity and excellent character development that I actually cared what would happen to Aro and Zafina.”~k13

“I found the story to be quite engaging, with good descriptions, flowing dialogue and a definite set up for future stories that I’ll be on the look out for.”~ TR

“The pace is great, the descriptive texts and conversations are great, they really build the story and allow us to learn the deeper meanings of a turning.”~Nic

The local vampires are very upset with Aro for falling for Zafina, a human, who knows of their existence and their identity, so they decide to take her and Aro out before he can turn her. Find out what happens when the other vampires turn on Aro and Zafina. Will they kill her or will Aro make her his forever? 

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