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While there are other types of scholarships that can either pay or help pay for your son’s college education such as scholastic scholarships, if your high school football player has a reasonable amount of talent, there is an excellent chance that he could be recruited to play college football on either a full ride or a partial athletic scholarship.

These football scholarships are very lucrative; many of them are valued in excess of $150,000 and even more depending on the school. Full ride scholarships pay for tuition, meals, room and board and tutoring among other things. And now, in accordance with new NCAA rulings, some schools are offering four-year full ride scholarships.

Partial scholarships may pay for any number of a combination of expenses, but do not cover everything. Of course, everyone wants to obtain one of the full ride types, but not all schools are required to offer them; only the top level of schools have to offer the full ride type, so the majority of colleges offer some variation of the partial scholarship. Often partial football scholarships are combined with other types of scholarships to ensure that all your son’s college expenses are met.

There are some several thousand colleges in the U.S. that offer football scholarships, so if your son follows a proven plan such as the one clearly taught in this book, there is a very good chance that he will be offered an athletic scholarship to play football at the collegiate level somewhere.



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