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When you start making your health a priority by focusing on your life habits and diet and by losing weight, you’ll start to look and feel your best. From 2011 to 2015, the DASH diet has been consistently ranked as the top overall diet by US News & World Report. The DASH diet is extremely easy to follow, making it the best plan for those who are looking to drop pounds. It promotes healthy food choices that are both reasonable and moderate. Rather than using a strict, deprivation diet plan that leaves you feeling undernourished and dissatisfied, you’ll have access to all of the fresh, delicious foods that are out there.

DASH Diet For Weight Loss makes it easy to lose weight by following the DASH diet. You can learn more about the foods that you should be eating and the foods that you should avoid as well as how to make a simple and seamless transition to this healthy way of living. The 21 DASH recipes offered in this book include a full week of tasty and nutrient-rich ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With every recipe, you’ll get calorie and sodium (mg) information as well as serving sizes. With these recipes, you can regulate your blood pressure, drop pounds and feel incredible.

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