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Want to learn how to speed-up your WordPress blog?

“The Web Should Be Fast” ~ Google, Inc.

Speeding-up your blog seems complicated at first, but when you know what to do, it is in fact very simple. This book is going to show you how you can speed optimize your blog, make your users happier, save on unnecessary hosting upgrades and please Google, as it is common knowledge that faster blogs rank better.

You will learn how to easily go from a score of BD, or even worse, to an AA score. Your page load time will go from 5.70 seconds, or worse, to an expected goal approaching 1 second. You will be using only free methods.

“Speed-Up WordPress” is the only book you will ever need to speed optimize your blog.

The book contains 10 chapters with detailed and actionable step by step instructions with lots of screenshots. If you follow the instructions in this book there is no doubt that you will be ahead of lots of other sites in terms of speed.

Beginner friendly.


 Table of Content


  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Should You Speed-Up WordPress?
  • Chapter 2: Server Side Optimization
  • Chapter 3: Speed Test WordPress
  • Chapter 4: Image Optimization
  • Chapter 5: Database Optimization
  • Chapter 6: JS, CSS and HTML Optimization
  • Chapter 7: WordPress Caching
  • Chapter 8: More Speed Optimization
  • Chapter 9: Using a CDN for WordPress
  • Chapter 10: WordPress Hacks & Tricks
  • Conclusion



About the author-Michel Gerard has been an Internet Marketer for over ten years. He has worked as an affiliate manager, affiliate marketer, SEO, Webmaster, blogger and recently created the IM Study Club to share resources with web entrepreneurs on how to better their presence online.

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