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The eBook of the Day 

E book writing & selling formula empowers those who have chosen to become e book writers. Most new entrants in this business fail due to lack of guidance and directions. This guide is written by an actual e book writer who teaches the keen reader in becoming a successful e publisher by providing step by step specific directions from choosing a title to launch day activity and everything in between by examples, tutorials and mini workshop style methods of instructions. This guide book does something unique, it gives you a formula, a road map which makes mastering the craft of e book writing and earning a superior income possible in a manner that is not only easy to understand but easy to implement as well. The formula for writing & selling an e book works in all categories and genres, whether you want to write fiction, short stories and novels or whether you want to write “how to” and “self help” or any other non fiction e book.
E book writing is a multibillion dollar industry that keeps growing by the millions each month.