See what others are saying about Alicia Aiken’s Children’s eBook “I Can Be Anything I Want To Be”


The little book that could…and did!,

MP Jones

The beauty of this book is that it’s a canvas on which the adult reader can paint a picture to the child of the various occupations pictured and the painting can get more detailed as the child gets older…so I think this book could have a longer shelf life than many other books. Beautifully drawn, simple concept and very well done!


Great for my 1 and 3 year olds


This book is great for young children and teaches the message that you can be anything you want to be. It introduces many different professions to the child and opens up some great discussion between parent and child to help them learn about these different community members, whether it be a teacher, lawyer, or doctor.

My daughters are 1 and 3 and both loved the book.


I bought this book for my niece and *WE* loved it! This book is very encouraging and just …, September 18, 2014


I bought this book for my niece and *WE* loved it! This book is very encouraging and just …,

Abigail Van Nuys

I bought this book for my niece and *WE* loved it! This book is very encouraging and just like the book says THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!

My niece and I have re-read this book many times and each time she chooses a different profession. She really loves it and so do I.

I *HIGHLY* recommend this book to anyone with young children. You will not regret this one!


Brilliant resource !


What an amazing book! It’s packed with projects suitable for kids of every age. I used to run a couple of summer camps for kids and I wish I’d had this book. I am going to recommend it to parents and teachers alike and spread the word among camp counselors that I know. What a treat!


Kids can be anything they want,

Becca Quinlan

This book is a great way to introduce children to the array of options they have when they start to think about who they want to be. Deciding and then re-deciding what your career is going to be is one of the best parts of early childhood. Alicia Aiken’s book illustrates several major professions to choose from. It would be nice if there were some diversity in the individuals in the images, but I think the point is that the little baby on the cover of the book grows up to be any of the different professions.


Four Stars


It is good to see how we can encourage kids to be their best. good job !



Danny Adams

easy read…grand kids enjoyed…highly recommend..good job Ms. Aiken!!


Great book filled with encouragement and drive to succeed

M’s Book Reviews

Quick Read that I will share with my two boys (age 3) over and over again. Reach for the stars and remember the sky is the limit as to what you can active in life. Glad to see the author has other books to check out….


Simple and Easy for Young People to Understand

Gladden “DG”

A very simple, easy to understand, way to encourage children by letting them know that the sky is the limit!