The rapid growth of the Internet and the increase creation of online based businesses have lead to the high demand for stock photos.


Because the Internet is powered by words and images. Without photos, words alone cannot convey a message to the right audience. A picture tells a thousand stories. A web designer can convey a message to his audience effectively when combined with images, than by text alone.

Besides web designers, other industries such as banks, insurance companies, teachers, magazines & newspaper editors, entrepreneurs, e-Commerce, scrap bookers, lawyers, realtors, illustrators, travel agents, artists, graphic designers, advertisers, etc., etc. all need images to keep their online operations interactive, and stand out from the competition. This trend has created a situation where the demand for digital images is far exceeding supply, and there’s no sign of declining now and in future.

What does all this means to you?

It means a wonderful opportunity to anyone with a digital camera to create an income stream by selling digital photos to stock photography websites, popularly known as microstock photography sites.

The gold in this business model is that you don’t need any capital to start. The only tool you need is a digital camera which I’m sure you have. Besides a camera, you need passion for taking pictures, and the will to make this business a success. That’s all.

How do I start this business? You ask, right? Don’t worry. This guide is designed to teach you just that.

This is what you’ll learn in: How to Make Money with Your Digital Camera – The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home Based Business that Earns You Monthly Passive Income

1. How this Business Works
2. How You Can Make Money from this Business
3. How to Get Started
4. Types of Photos that Sell Really Well
5. How to Get Photo Ideas
6. Tips for Taking Quality Photos that Sell
7. Places to Sell Photos – Microstock Sites that Buy Photos
8. What it Takes to Succeed in this Business
9. 13 Photography Tips for Inspiration and Constant Improvement and
10. Valuable Resources to Help You Take Your Business to the Top and More Money

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