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Madison and Mason Learn the Values of Fitness” is a very timely children’s book aimed at promoting fitness to our youth. With the frightening rates of childhood obesity and adult onset Diabetes occurring in children, we need more books like this on the market, promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.
Kerah 13

I’d been looking for a children’s book that stresses on the importance of physical activities for kids, telling them in a way they best understand and appreciate why exercise is so important for them. This book met my requirements perfectly. It tells a simple tale that kids would love about the twins Mason and Madison, with attractive illustrations, and gives a strong message.

I purchased this book for my 4th grade daughter who thinks she has outgrown physical activity. After sitting down with her and reading the book, we both got up and went outside together. The author presented the importance and value of physical activity in a way that was easy for my daughter to understand. The photos were helpful as well. If you have a child that wants to lay around the house with their eyes glued to the television or video game system, this is the book for them.
Tricia Littrell