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Powerful Bible Scriptures on Healing by Alicia Grant

This is a fantastic collection of inspirational scriptures on healing. They’re perfect to have easily on hand in times of stress when you need a quick spiritual boost. The word of God has amazing power to heal and to give you the strength to overcome poor health, and this book gives you easy access to His word.
John A.

These scriptures are therapeutic; giving you the proper Word to lean on – while calling you to action, to pray faithfully, to remove all doubts, and to continue healing through the name of Jesus.
Ricky H.

Astounding book, a Must Read and 5 Stars!
Michael B.

I’m so grateful I found it. I have faith that God will either heal me or give me the strength to endure my sufferings.

Useful for people who are going through tough times or people with friends and family that are going through difficult times.
Thomas M.

I can really feel the holy power when I read these and focus deeply on them.
These are also very uplifting and encouraging, which I really loved.
Overall, I definitely recommend this book.
R. Thompson