The California police have found the 14 missing people, it was believed that the missing people are part of a cult. They left behind their mortgage papers, cell phones, deeds to their properties and letters indicating that they were awaiting the arrival of Jesus.

Their love ones reported them missing and the police took this matter very serious. The police did put out an alert fearing that they might do harm to themselves. There was a special concern for the eight children that were reported to be with them.

It has since been reported that the women and children have been spotted in a public park. Police and their loves ones were happy to find out that they were all alive and well.

The leader of the group is being held for psychological evaluation and no charges were brought against anyone.

The group stated that when they go on these long prayer trips, they leave all of their worldly possessions behind in the hope that they may be taken to Heaven.

The California police states that they should communicate more effectively with their love ones.