Bible Verses for Supernatural Blessings! By Robert Rite


Would you like to have perfect peace?
How about a happy marriage and family? What about picture perfect health?
The spoken word is very powerful; and no spoken word is more powerful than the word of Almighty God.
When we commit bible verses to memory, and recite them out loud, it becomes a powerful weapon and tool that we can use at will against the perils of life and the attacks of the enemy.



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Work From Home Jobs. The 25 Best Paying Jobs By Tony Rehor, Sr


This book describes the 25 best paying work from home jobs. Included are the cost estimates for each job combined with the projected revenue. This book provide multiple areas of home employment. With this guide you will be fully informed on the criteria to be a small business owner.



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Jobs Online: Find and Get Hired to a Work-At-Home Job By Leslie Truex

Looking for a job? Check out this eBook by Leslie Truex!

Learn the Secrets to finding a legitimate work-at-home job. If you’re tired of scams and schemes, discover how 137 million people worldwide telecommute and you can too! Includes the best places to find jobs on the Internet and a a list of companies that are frequently accepting applications.

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Laughter Makes You Feel Good!

It has been proven sometimes laughter can be the best medicine. This eBook has hundreds of CLEAN jokes for you, your family and kids. Check out this eBook-Jokes-By Funny Guy.

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A Collection Of Children Short Stories By A. Daniels

A. Daniels is a children’s author who enjoys writing eBooks that deal with everyday issues children may encounter. Daniels also loves turning the stories into activity books, by adding questions at the end of each eBook. This eBook consists of a collection of Daniels’ children eBooks. You will find some of the stories have questions at the end of the story. These questions will help the child/children to elaborate on what they have read and learned.

The Stories Include:
Spending Time With Daddy
My Parents Are Not Divorcing Me
Watch Out! Here Comes Avery Anderson
Madison and Mason Learn the Values of Fitness
Brian and His Father

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How To Start a Home Day Care Business – Your Step-By-Step Guide to Succeeding In a Home Day Care Business

Very affordable way to start a profitable business.
– Step-by-step and easy to use blueprint to start and have success in your own home day care business.
– How to stand out from your local competitors.
– How to set your rates the right way.
– How to advertise and grow your day care business.
– How to make your day care stand out and succeed for the long run.

If you want to start and run your own home day care business, then get this guide now.

In this step-by-step guide, you will discover the secrets on how to start, run, and succeed in your own home daycare business.

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If You Enjoy Mystery Check Out-Mystery at Woodcliff Hall by V. Jones

When 17-year-old Alyssa Reed takes a job as a teacher’s aide at an exclusive private school in upstate New York, she looks forward to revisiting the Adirondack Mountains she loved as a child.

But now the woods seem less sunny…and more sinister.

Because Woodcliff Hall’s past conceals a murder, and the deeper Alyssa digs, the greater her chances of becoming the next victim.

Just as Athena was born fully formed from the head of Zeus, so Virgina Jones was born from the creative minds of Virginia Farinacci and Joan Dermatis. Virginia and Joan met as members of a local writers group, and when they discovered a mutual interest in YA fiction, they embarked on the journey of writing together.


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